Virmach KVM 4cpu 4GB ram 40GB SSD NY $2 USD Monthly

Review and benchmark for the Virmach KVM with: 4cpu, 4GB ram, 40GB SSD, 3TB bandwidth, 1Gbps port in Buffalo for $2 USD Monthly with windows. An amazing deal that Virmach hid in a Lowendtalk post.

Provider: Virmach
Vps: KVM
Price: $2 USD Monthly
CPU: 4 @ 2400 Mhz
Ram: 4GB
Swap: N/A
Disk: 40GB SSD Raid 10
Location: Buffalo
Bandwidth: 3TB
Port: 1Gbps
Other: Windows included


  • Cheap!
  • Windows
  • Stable provider
  • Awesome value
  • Fast network